Full Body Red Light Therapy Panel

One panel for full body treatment. You can always find various products like masks, headgear, light bulbs, and more.

How about using one red light device to solve all of your problems? No need to wear or hold anything anymore. Just stand in front of the panel and enjoy light treatment at ease.

full body red light therapy panel
full body red light therapy

Full Body Treatment Solutions on the Market?

  • Purchase at least 4 light panels and 1 combination bracket. 
  • Wait until the courier arrives at your home 
  • Spend another day for installation and debugging.. 
a man do yoga under full body red light therapy panela man do yoga under full body red light therapy panel

Our Solution

1 Complete Panel

The P3600 is nearly 6 feet tall.
It is the true full-body home treatment— an integrated design for a single installation.

full body red light therapy

Improve Blood Circulation with Our Panel

  • Panels work on the whole body a lot better than the targeted products.
  • Red and near-infrared light get through your skin to the tissues, significantly increasing the blood flow through the body.
  • It will help you feel healthier and more energetic.

Activation on A Cellular Level  

  • Infrared light can penetrate the defenses of your skin cells and activate deep cell vitality. 
  • Internal physiological activities are accelerated, waste is discharged faster, and the speed of self-repair is greatly increased.  

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Revice Skin

Acts on the whole body skin. Smoother, softer, and more flexible.

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