Best Red Light Therapy Devices At Home 2022-2023

12 Best Red Light Therapy Devices At Home of 2022-2023

Lately, red light therapy has been touted as the new fountain of youth and health. With so many red light therapy devices available in 2022-2023, we're here to cut through the noise and tell you which are the best. If you're curious about all the buzz and want to try at home red light therapy devices for yourself, this guide will help you find the best red light therapy devices for 2022-2023, including full-body devices and targeted devices.

5 Best Full Body Red Light Therapy Devices

LED panels are the most efficient way to get your entire body bathed in red light. Now it's like a rising star in red light therapy at home. Here are some of the best full-body red light therapy devices from the industry-leading manufacturers for 2022-2023.

Scienlodic P1000

    Price: $1,099
    Best for: Weight loss, pain relief & full-body skin care
    Pros: high irradiance & 5 wavelengths, no need to installation, 3-year warranty, 60-day free returns.
    Cons: No blue light

    Scienlodic's P1000 is considered the best choice for the first try-out to full-body red light therapy. More wavelengths, higher irradiance and reasonable price are the reason why P1000 stands out.

    It emits red and near-infrared light in various therapeutic wavelengths: 630, 660, 810, 830, and 850 nm. These wavelengths have been scientifically proven to be effective in fixing many health issues, including but not limited to pain relief, weight loss, hair regrowth, skin rejuvenation, and more. More wavelengths unlock the possibilities for different treatments.

    Scienlodic pushed the irradiance to a high level of 146mW/c (at 6 inches) because irradiance is the most important factor in gaining all these mentioned results. But, unfortunately, most manufacturers don't even have the guts to show this on their websites when Scienlodic's panels go through all kinds of product tests fearlessly just to bring out the best results.

    "I am so happy to own a red light panel that belongs to me! I've loved it ever since I used it once at my friend's house. It is very enjoyable and relaxing for me to use it after fitness workout, which helps me keep fitness and slim better." -BY Selina

    Check out Scienlodic Red Light Therapy Panel P1000 learn more information and price now.

    red light therapy panel using at home

    full body red light therapy at home
    Scienlodic P3600

    Price: $5,699
    Best for: Fat reduction, muscle repair, full-body skin care & sleep and mood improvement
    Pros: high irradiance, 5 wavelengths & 6 pulse deep penetration and protection modes, 3-year warranty, 60-day free returns, 1 installation
    Cons: No blue light, a little over budget

    The P3600 is an upgraded and ultimate version of the P1000, for it combines convenience and effectiveness.

    Scienlodic notices that installation holds us back from enjoying full-body red light therapy. It takes forever for us to put several panels together and fix them. We don't have other choices because one panel alone can't cover our entire body. That's pretty much the case for most of the panels we find on the market.

    P3600 is obviously a better choice—full body coverage & only 1 installation. With the extra power stand, you can easily move it to another room with the wheels at the bottom and lower or lift the panel with a simple press on the remote control. Completely clear out all the installation obstacles.

    Being the best product of Scienlodic, P3600 is even more result-oriented, for all the functions were put in to make sure you can get the desired effects. Keeping all the wavelengths and pulse modes, it delivers a higher irradiance at 156mW/cm2 (6 inches), which means users can take red light therapy at home with maximum effectiveness.

    Visit the red light therapy panels page or click the following picture to learn more about Scienlodic P3600. 

    best red light therapy device at home

    Joovv Solo 3.0

      Price: $1,599
      Best for: Pain relief, mental health improvement & skin care
      Pros: 2-year warranty & pulse mode
      Cons: App control & few wavelengths

      The Joovv Solo 3.0 panel offers an effective solution for red light therapy beginners. At $1,599, it provides red light treatments at the common wavelengths of 660 and 850 nm and an irradiance of around 100 mW/cm2(sorry, we can't see an actual number here). Extra pulse Recovery+ mode is to help with penetration for a better recovery. Pricier than Scienlodic P1000, less useful functions.

      For panels, remote control is necessary since you can only take RLT standing at a distance. Joovv Solo 3.0 uses a phone app and Bluetooth to control the device. You know, going through all these setup procedures and taking up phone memory just to have the exact same control function as the normal remote control. That's the essence of smart control. Hopefully, Bluetooth stays connected all the time!

      What is also worth mentioning is that Joovv only produces modular devices now. That is to say, if you want true full-body red light therapy, you will have no choice but to install all the panels one by one until the put-together panels are big enough to cover your whole body. Quite a lot of work to do, isn't it?

      Joovv Elite 3.0

        Price: $10,499
        Best for: Pain relief, skin care & muscle building
        Pros: 2-year warranty & pulse mode
        Cons: Too expensive, few wavelengths & app control

        Full-body red light therapy devices by Joovv are combined with 6 Joovv Solo devices. So technically, all the functions of Elite 3.0 are the same as those of Solo 3.0. The same wavelengths, irradiance, pulse mode and Bluetooth control.

        Elite 3.0 only provides 2 setup options: mobile stand and wall mount. Either you can place it on the floor or you can hang it on the wall, which means that you can only use it vertically. There's no way for you to enjoy red light therapy while lying down comfortably.

        One thing we need to talk about here is its price. It costs $10,299 for this Elite combination. You see, for full-body red light therapy, you only need to pay $5,699 if you buy Scienlodic P3600. We believe that $10,299 can be put to better use when a second-hand car only costs less than $10,000.

        fda-approved red light therapy panel

        PlatinumLED Biomax 900

          Price: $1,259
          Best for: Muscle building & pain relief
          Pros: Touchscreen remote control & multiple R+/NIR+wavelengths
          Cons: 90° lens beam angle

          PlatinumLED Therapy Lights has been in the market for 12 years and are renowned for its high-powered LED light therapy devices. Biomax900 has an irradiance reading of 185 mW/cm2. Not a bad choice for red light therapy at home.

          However, high irradiance alone can't make it the best. There's something called lens beam angle we should pay attention to. The light that comes straightly from one spot is always stronger. Its 90° angle actually spreads out the red light energy because it's like light from the side. They won't tell you that this can affect the therapeutic effect of red light therapy.

          Biomax 900 can emit blue light, which can be regarded as an advantage. Nevertheless, an interesting review says that you can only use IR light with blue light. It could be a problem in actual use because blue light and red light therapy are often taken in turn.

          Compared with Scienlodic P3600, this top-of-the-line Biomax 900 is clearly not thoughtful enough. For full-body red light coverage, you will need 2-4 panels. One-by-one installation is such laborious work.

          7 Best Red Light Therapy Targeted Devices

          Targeted home devices are always a less bold decision if you are just starting with your red light therapy. We've picked out the top 5 best red light therapy small devices. Check this out and start your own red light trials at a low cost!

          Scienlodic R1 Hair Growth Hat

            Price: $199.99
            Best for: Hair regrowth, mood and sleep improvement & pain relief
            Pros: Pulse mode, 120 LEDs, reasonable price, soft material & 2-year warranty
            Cons: Only mixed R/NIR mode is available

            Red light therapy cap has become popular in recent years. Let's just say that Scienlodic R1 hair growth hat is the best red light therapy hat one can ask for at around $100 on the market. Close-to-skin red light touch effectively brings all the nutrients to your hair follicles. Intensive light exposure of 120 LEDs brings out hair growth results faster. Unlike the traditional red light therapy for hair loss helmet, R1 uses lightweight, soft and durable material for a better experience. After all, treatments aren't necessary to be a burden.

            "I have used this red light therapy hat for 3 month. First two weeks of RLT I felt so relaxed but not getting a deep sleep. After the third week, I slept really well that night. I hope it stays useful. Also, it's more affordable and useful than other RLT devices." -BY Ada

            red light therapy for hair growth

            red light therapy hat for hair loss

            Scienlodic C12 Light Therapy Torch

              Price: $129
              Best for: Facial skin care, pain relief & scar treatment
              Pros: Portable, rechargeable, 3-hour battery life, 4 wavelengths & high irradiance
              Cons: No table rack stand

              Targeted red light therapy devices aren't destined to have low power density and therefore have worse results. Scienlodic C12 light therapy torch is here to end this deception. C12's irradiance exceeds 185mW/c at 3 inches, even higher than most full-body panels. 4 wavelengths (460 & 660 & 850 & 950 nm) open up the gates to blue and red light therapy, activating the skin cells and solving all the typical skin problems like acne, fine lines and wrinkles. The torch is also good at relieving joint pain, such as elbow and knee.

              "The light therapy torch is compact and portable for me. It's suitable for acne skin. The first week I felt that it uplifted my skin and made it smoother. I do think it is beneficial and effective, and I will continue to use it! So highly recommend!" -BY Jojo

              Scienlodic T360 Red Light Therapy Pad

                Price: $299.99
                Best for: Pain relief & weight loss
                Pros:  Plus size, unique 10 Hz pulse, red/infrared light mode
                Cons: Get dirty easily

                If you are looking for a red light therapy device to relieve your low back pain or promote weight loss, then the Scienlodic T360 red light therapy pad will not let you down. With its large coverage area and unique 10 Hz pulse pattern, it helps you recover better from lower back pain and other body pains. It also may have surprising results by adding it to your weight loss plan.

                "I bought the wrap to keep slim. It's worthy! When I do yoga, I put it on my yoga mat and it makes my workout much better. 20 minutes at a time would be good." -BY Henrine

                red light therapy pad for pain

                red light therapy for weight loss
                Scienlodic T210 Red Light Therapy Wrap

                  Price: $199.99
                  Best for: Pain relief & treating wrinkles
                  Pros: Portable, high power density, red/infrared light mode
                  Cons: Not wide enough cover area

                  As a red light therapy targeted device that is both efficient and convenient, Scienlodic T210 Wrap has 2000w/㎡ high power, perfectly fit the contours of your body, so you can do anything wearing it while helping you recover efficiently. In addition, it produces 0 EMF, you can rest assured that it won't cause any harm to your body.

                  "Overall very pleased with the red light therapy wrap, I use it every day for relieving my back pain and it works well!!" -BY Sue

                  Go to Scienlodic page to cheak out the best red light therapy targeted devices for you.

                  Mito Red Light Advanced Red Light Therapy Belt

                    Price: $329
                    Best for: Targeted weight loss & pain relief
                    Pros: Red/NIR mode & high battery capacity 
                    Cons: 1-year warranty

                    Mito red light therapy belt is one of its classic products. You can find all the basic functions in it:

                    5 intensity levels control, 660&850nm wavelengths. There's nothing really surprising here except for the power bank on the side. You can move freely without the charging cable being in your way. Make sure you charge it in time to avoid fluctuation in intensity levels.

                    Joovv Go 2.0

                      Price: $599
                      Best for: Pain relief & wound healing
                      Pros: red/NIR mode & handheld design
                      Cons: Bluetooth remote control, medium irradiance, 1-year warranty

                      Joovv Go 2.0 is clearly designed for red light therapy starters. It is the smallest device you can get out of Joovv. It keeps the normal 660 and 850 nm wavelengths with 2 LEDs in 1 lens. Palm size makes it suitable for travel and targeted treatments. However, it is still quite expensive for an entry-level product. $599 is a lot of money. It's just not worth it when you are paying extra and get only 1-year warranty.

                      Hooga HG200

                        Price: $119
                        Best for: Skin care & recovery
                        Pros: 2 wavelengths, built-in stand
                        Cons: Medium irradiance

                        A small panel like Hooga HG200 is also the kind of product that pops into our heads when we talk about red light therapy. HG200 is an acceptable gateway product for it keeps the commonly-used wavelengths of 660 and 850nm and makes sure we get a high irradiance of 100 mW/cm2. For those who only want a test drive in red light therapy, it will not be amazing, but still good enough.

                        NOT Recommended Types of Red Light Therapy Devices

                        Red Light Therapy has developed over the years. Now red light therapy devices come in various types and sizes. However, some devices are not practical or can raise safety problems in actual use. The following are the types of red light therapy devices that are not recommended.

                        LED Wand

                        The LED wand is also a well-known economical choice for targeted red light therapy. However, this slim wand can only allow you to treat a really small area at a time. So it will definitely be more time-consuming than using other kinds of devices. But that's not even the biggest problem here. The overlap of treatment areas will probably bring out an uneven result.

                        LED Face mask

                        The LED face mask might be considered a cost-effective way for skin conditions. This form-fitting mask offers a close-to-skin touch. It seems to focus the therapy light right on your face to have the best results. But with almost no protection around the eyes, chances are that these LED masks can cause damage to your eyes. Surely, it costs less, but that comes with a price.

                        How to Use Red Light Therapy at Home?

                        Using red light therapy at home is easy and convenient. All you need is to choose red light therapy devices that satisfy your needs. No matter it's a red light therapy panel or a red light therapy wrap, these devices are typically designed to be used in the comfort of your home without needing assistance or extra equipment.

                        best red light therapy devices

                        To use red light therapy, simply place the device close enough to your body so that you feel its full effects. They usually come with adjustable settings to find the intensity level that works best for you.

                        Most red light therapy devices also have timers to track how long each session lasts. After each session, allow your skin time to rest before beginning another session.

                        Red light therapy can be used as often as you'd like, depending on the intensity of your sessions and the condition you're trying to treat. However, it's best to start with shorter session times (around 10 minutes) and gradually increase the length of time as your body adjusts.

                        Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for use and consult with a doctor before beginning full-body red light therapy if you have any underlying medical conditions or concerns.


                        How Often Should I Do Full-Body Red Light Therapy?

                        Full-body red light therapy can be done anywhere from a few times a week to days, depending on your personal needs and your doctor's advice. It is best to start with a low frequency of 2-3 times per week, then increase as needed.

                        Does Red Light Therapy Tone My Body?

                        Yes. Red light therapy can help tone your body by stimulating the production of collagen, which helps reduce fat and cellulite. It also increases circulation, which helps to firm and tone the skin.

                        What Are the Cons of Red Light Therapy?

                        The main con of red light therapy is that it may cause damage to the eyes if one does not wear protective eyewear during a red light therapy session. Additionally, red light therapy may cause skin irritation in some people and can be expensive compared to traditional treatments ( infrared sauna, cold laser, etc.)

                        Can I Overdo Red Light Therapy?

                        Yes, it is possible to use red light therapy too often, leading to skin damage or redness. To avoid this, follow the directions provided by your red light panel manufacturer and start with low-frequency sessions.

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