Weight Loss Belt

Lose weight with the help of red light therapy. Break down your subcutaneous fat and get fat cells out of your body. Faster cellulite reduction with less exercise.

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Why Choose Scienlodic?

Maximize Weight Loss

We have successfully developed a composite LED design, allowing 3 red light wavelengths emission. All for the best body fat breakdown in a specific area.

Comfortable to Wear

The wraps are made of the most flexible cables and processed into soft texture pads.
Reduce cellulite with a warm and soft touch of Scienlodic Belt now.

Clinically Proven to Be Safe

Without Side Effects

A healthy lifestyle is always hard to follow with a strict diet and exercise.
Clinical trials have discovered the power of red light therapy for weight loss.

Absolutely no record of side effects.

Multi-purpose Uses

Not Merely a Weight Loss Tool

Red light therapy is not just about fat loss.
By accelerating circulation and activating cellular vitality, you will feel healthier and more energized.
Scienlodic Belt, more benefits for you to discover.

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