Hair Regrowth Hat

Red light maintains the water and oil balance of your scalp. Infrared light penetrates deep tissue to reactivate your hair follicles. The result is getting thicker hair.

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Why Choose Scienlodic?

Safer Red Light Therapy Device

Traditional low-level laser therapy is usually performed by professionals.
Improper use by oneself can cause skin burns.
We use safe and effective LED light therapy technology. No side effects.

Burden-free Treatments

The old thick and heavy helmet puts extra pressure on your scalp and hair.
We adopted a revolutionary soft cable, making our R1 hair growth hat really soft, like a normal hat.


It's Science, Not Magic

The study of red light therapy for hair loss has been going on since it was invented in the 1960s.
Clinical trials have proven its efficacy in helping grow hair.
Most patients have gained thicker hair. Red light therapy works for female and male pattern baldness.

Multiple Uses

Do More Than Hair Growth

The benefits of red light are yet to be discovered.

Red light treatments are not just about treating hair loss.
Better mood and better sleep are some of the byproducts.

Meet all your demands. Save you from choosing between different functions.

True Full Body Red Light Therapy

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