We See Your Needs

From 2010 to 2016, our founder, Alex Chen worked in top-tier medical-aesthetics factory as a Business Development (BD) professional, where he had access to leading technology and optimal facilities. In those years, he delved deep into dermatologists' and aesthetic offices in Europe and North America, continuously gaining insights into the real needs of frontline users.

With a deeper understanding of the industry and consumers, he noticed that:
Some medical-aesthetic procedures and therapies come at a high cost, both financially and in terms of physical discomfort, extended recovery times, and unexpected side effects. And unfortuanately, the enthusiasm and investment in innovation are also lacking within the industry.

Due to these observations, an idea came to his mind: Why not make advanced photodynamic technology accessible to everyone in the comfort of their own homes, all while prioritizing safety?
Therefore in 2017, Alex Chen decided to leave his job and establish his own business.

That's the very beginning of Scienlodic.

Your Wellness. Our Innovation.
Embrace the Change.

To this day, we remain dedicated to providing people with more effective but natural solutions. We combine the natural science with advanced technology, spread awareness about the proven benefits of red light therapy, allowing everyone to embark on a journey toward a healthier, more vibrant life.

Innovation Runs Through Our Veins


Our debut product C9R Wand was shown up on the stage, a home-use red light device with medical-grade efficacy.


The launch of the full-body Panel collection as a cornerstone illustrates our professionalism as a photodynamic brand, which was designed to provide users with a full range of red light therapy solution.


Red light therapy Gloves and Hand Wraps offered more personalized solutions tailored to specific body parts. We incorporate the wavelength technology mentioned in those physical therapy papars into reality.


Similarly, the soft, full-coverage design of the hair growth cap has received strong support and praise from many users. Their feedbacks are the key of our continuous updates. So far, it has remained a best-seller.


The Belt collection, as the products targeting body aesthetics and fitness recovery, gained immediate popularity upon their release.


We keep increasing our investment in research and development on other forms of light, including yellow light and blue light . More secure, portable, and personalized at-home light therapy products are on their way. Our story is still unfolding...