Max Will

"So lucky to be one of the first testers. Using this ViBro belt for a month, I've noticed my waist and abdominal muscles feel tighter, and my skin is more elastic and radiant. While I can't be certain, I'm excited to keep using it to see if there are more noticeable results. Overall, I'm satisfied with my initial experience of red light therapy."

Why Scicontour Body Belt Vibro Is the Best Choice for You

  • Clinical studies showed sleeker, tighter silhouette, and healthier-looking skin in as little as 8 weeks.
  • On the Go, On Point. The removable, rechargeable magnetic controller & power bank offers treatment anywhere and anytime.
  • Equipped with 3 kinds of vibration modes for more effective sculptingresults.

Sculpt and Rejuvenate with Precise Light

  • 100 medical-grade LEDs in one belt. With the slender & portable design, SciContour Body Belt ViBro seamlessly molds to your body parts.
  • Concentrate on the best combination of  biological wavelengths: 660nm red light+ 850nm infrared light.


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How does red light therapy for fat loss work?

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