How Often to Use Red Light Therapy for Hair Growth

How Often to Use Red Light Therapy for Hair Growth

Red light therapy, or low-level laser therapy, consists of visible red light and invisible near-infrared light (NIR) and is gaining popularity as an efficient hair growth therapy. More and more people using red light therapy have reported positive effects within a short period of time.

Have a red light therapy device but don’t know how often to use it for hair growth? Or want to learn more about this effective hair growth therapy? We have all the answers here.

red light therapy for hair growth

What is red light therapy for hair loss?

  • Red light therapy helps hair growth in the following three aspects.Red light and NIR penetrates the epidermis, reaching the base of each hair follicle and boosting cellular energy. Energy-rich cells can work better and replicate more healthy cells, defending themselves from oxidative stress and environmental pathogens.Collagen synthesis is promoted by red light therapy.
  • Collagen boosts hair follicle function and lowers oxidative damage. Despite not being in hair, collagen protects against free radical damage, according to a research[1]. Free radicals harm hair follicle cells and prevent hair growth.
  • Hair health and thickness are clearly tied to blood circulation. Red light therapy boosts cranium blood flow, cell oxygen, and nutrient delivery by stimulating capillary growth.

Also, red light therapy doesnt cause any side effects to human body. Compared with medication and hair implant treatments, which can be extremely expensive and pose a threat to body health, red light therapy is indeed a safe and cost effective hair growth treatment. It serves as a safe, non-invasive, and efficient hair growth treatment.

Best red light therapy device for hair growth

best red light therapy device for hair growth

If you’re still searching for the best red light therapy hair growth device, Scienlodic Hair Regrowth Hat is the one you can’t miss out. It possesses 2 wavelengths, 2 pulse modes, and 3 different therapy modes, catering to the needs of people with different conditions. Just plug in the power supply, and you can easily enjoy red light therapy for hair growth at home.  

How often to use red light therapy for hair growth

In short, it is recommended to use red light therapy for 20 minutes at a time. This is an optimum length for most people. Having taken that into consideration, Scienlodic Hair Regrowth Hat provides a 20-minute automatic shutoff. Just plug in the power supply, press the button, and enjoy the best red light therapy for hair growth at home.

However, if you have a particular hair condition, scalp condition, or other health-related conditions, and you don’t know whether this time length would be suitable for you, feel free to chat with us online by clicking the lower right button or join our Facebook Group to consult others’ opinions.

Red light therapy for hair growth - before and after

A user’s review triumphs thousands of ads and posters. After hearing us introduce how red light therapy functions and the best red light therapy device for hair loss, let’s dive into the users’ reviews. 

red light therapy for hair loss before and after

What other options are there besides red light therapy for hair growth

If red light therapy is still too new to you, you can try some other treatments first. Below are two rather traditional treatments for hair loss.  


red light therapy for hair loss alternate treatment medication

There are mainly two medications for hair loss, namely Rogaine and Propecia.

Rogaine, by enlarging hair follicles to expand the growth phase of hair, works for hair loss. But the success rate is rather low.

Propecia is a prescription drug for men to address male pattern baldness. It works by inhibiting the release of the hormone dihydrotestosterone responsible for shrinking hair follicles, which causes hair loss.

The problem with these treatments is that they're not 100% effective, and that they come with an array of side effects, including scalp irritation, unwanted facial hair growth, chest pain, swelling, blood pressure fluctuation, and headache. And because Propecia messes with your hormone balance, you may experience impotence, inability to orgasm, premature ejaculation, and obesity.

Hair implants

red light therapy for hair growth alternate treatment hair implants

Hair implant is a surgical procedure, and the success rate of hair implants is a bit higher than medication. However, it can cost up to $15,000, which most insurance plans do not cover. 

Your hair will grow back in a few months after the surgery, but there’s a possibility that they’ll fall once again in a short period of time.

What does red light therapy help with other than hair growth

Red light therapy not only serves as a safe & effective treatment for hair growth, but also benefits:

  • Pain & inflammation relief: Red light and near-infrared light have the ability to penetrate skin, soft/hard tissues, reaching the root of your soreness and discomfort. Clinical trials have repeatedly proven that red light therapy greatly benefits pain & inflammation relief.
  • Weight loss: By means of burning fat, promoting metabolism, controlling appetite, and regulating hormone levels, red light therapy goes a long way towards weight loss.
  • Skin improvement: Red light therapy gives you a younger look by stimulating the cellular metabolism and promoting the production of collagen.

best red light therapy devices

In a Nutshell

So far, we’ve illustrated how red light therapy benefits hair growth and how often to use red light therapy for hair growth. There are also two hair growth options other than red light therapy, namely medication and hair implants, but they respectively have major flaws. Compared with these two treatments, Scienlodic Hair Regrowth Hat is no doubt a safer, more effective, and more affordable hair growth device.

If you have any further questions about red light therapy or our products, don’t hesitate to contact us through the lower right button. You can also join our Facebook Group to share or look for hair growth information with others!


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