Skincare Torch

Home red light therapy—the secret to smoother, more hydrated skin. Get inspired by natural light. Increase collagen with the power of red and near infrared light for anti-aging effects.

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Why Choose Scienlodic?

Why Pulse Light Matters?

We provided a pulse function that no brand has ever done on small home devices before.
It allows your cells to adjust themselves, dramatically improving the treatment efficacy.

How about battery life?

For portable devices, battery life is just as important as machine functions.
Our torch has enough battery life of up to 3 hours, equal to 10-18 red light skin therapies.


Cosmetic Light Therapy in a New Era

Beauty face masks on the market are uncomfortable to wear.
Scienlodic torches are just slightly heavier than your iPhone.
Indeed a game changer in reducing stretch marks, scars, fine lines and wrinkles.

Multi-purpose Torch

More Than Just Red Light Therapy

Our torches also provide blue light therapy.
Before using red light to fight the signs of aging, blue light can reduce acne and inhibit inflammation to lay the groundwork.
One device for high-end beauty light therapy at home.

Meet all your demands. Save you from choosing between different functions.

True Full Body Red Light Therapy

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