how to choose full body red light therapy panel
how to choose full body red light therapy panel

Let's confirm your needs first.

how to choose scienlodic red light therapy panel


Excellent Balance of Healing Effect and Price

Excellent balance between healing +effect and price

The small panels are sufficient to provide red light therapy for half of the body.
The compact design makes the process of installing the panel extremely easy.
If you are new to red light therapy, this would be the best option.

In this case, I would recommend the P1000 or P1500.

The panel and base will be a particularly good match.

how to choose scienlodic red light therapy panel

Full Body

The Choice to Gain the Best Therapeutic Effect

Your whole body will enjoy the benefits of red and infrared light.
In contrast to our competitors, we provide a full-size large panel (P3600 series).
A truly medical-grade treatment option.

In this case, I recommend that you focus on the P3600 series.
If you have less requirement for the width of the treatment, the P1000 Duo or P1500 Duo should be the most cost-effective choice.

FAQ of Red Light Therapy Panel

Choose your treatment budget and let us provide the best solution.

The P1000 is your best bet.
It provides enough coverage to cover half of the body while outperforming all of our competitors for a price-performance ratio.
The accessories for hanging the wall and the door are already included, no need to buy any accessories.

I recommend P1500 with base.
Compared with P1000, P1500 has a wider treatment range, so the treatment efficiency is improved.
Use it with the base, easy and convenient.

In this price range, I highly recommend our duo solutions, the P1000 Duo and P1500 Duo.
The above two red light therapy solutions are priced below $3000 when combined with a manual stand.
You'll get medical-grade, full-body treatment experience at a relatively low cost.

In this case, the P3600 series is your only and best choice.
In order to provide users with the best whole-body treatment plan, we have abandoned the common splicing of multiple light panels, but directly developed a whole light panel.
With our multi-function power stand, you can get the best and strongest therapeutic effect.

scienlodic duo panel is combination of two panels.

What is Duo mean?

As the name suggests, the core of the Duo solution is the combination of two panels.
With manual or power stand, it is easy to achieve red light therapy covering the whole body.
At the same time the price is relatively affordable.

Still puzzled?

A direct comparison of all Scienlodic panels


Aim for: Moderate healing

Dimensions: 88×22×7.1cm

Power: 273 W

LEDs: 210

Cooling Fans: 2

Weight: 8.6 kg


Aim for: Moderate healing

Dimensions: 88×28×7.1 cm

Power: 390 W

LEDs: 300

Cooling Fans: 2

Weight: 11.8 kg


Aim for: Full-body healing

Dimensions: 171.7×41.9×7.1 cm

Power: 1092 W

LEDs: 840

Cooling Fans: 8

Weight: 30 kg

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