Best Red Light Therapy DEVICES AT Home 

Scienlodic aims to provide the most advanced and suitable red light therapy to our customers. We offer full-body red light solutions at an affordable price. Come get yourself a red light family doctor!

Why Scienlodic

Full-body Red Light Therapy Solutions

Full-body Red Light Therapy Solutions

Hair, face, waist...whether you are looking for targeted therapy or a full-body session, this is the place for you. Scienlodic has a complete set of red light therapy devices covering every inch of your body. You name it, we treat it.

Effective Red Light Therapy Treatment

Effective Red Light Therapy Treatment

Scienlodic designed the combination of multiple wavelengths and pulse modes, that generates the most powerful healing and recovery capacity without negative side effects.

scienlodic red light therapy panel is designed for at home use

Superb Home-based Design

Instead of blindly following the pedestrian and industrial design of others, Scienlodic chooses to boldly follow its family-based  ideology and adopt a clean and modern appearance. With foolproof installation and use methods, our products are now the ideal red light therapy devices for home use.

Full body Red Light Therapy Panel At Home

Scienlodic Red Light Therapy Panel adopted the combination of the most effective and state-of-the-art wavelengths, which have been proven to be the most effective wavelengths by scientific research.

Our panel is the only red light therapy panel with 6 pulse modes in the market. Pulse modes provide a certain period for the skin to cool down, preventing it from being burned. It can also speed up wound healing, and reduce inflammation, pain, and other medical conditions.

The unique 30° beam angle allows the red light to concentrate on the skin, which improves the efficacy of the red light therapy, speeding up the healing process.

3 models of Scinelodic Powerful Red Light Panel at Home

Targeted Red Light Thearpy Devices
At Home

Scienlodic Hair Regrowth Hat

This hat gives your hair follicles just the right stimulation to regrow your hair with 120 pcs of LED lights and the 660nm/850nm infrared light wavelength. Its effectiveness and affordable price enable it to stand out among those thousand-dollar red light devices on the market.

Check out the relevant research on red light therapy for hair growth and the benefits of brain health.


Scienlodic Light Therapy Wand

The wand possesses the function of a red light panel, thanks to its power capacity (2000w/㎡ ) compared to that of a small red light panel (1800w/㎡ ). Its small size makes it easier to carry around. It has 2 modes of red/blue light, which helps you with the reduction of joint pain, inflammation pain, and facial acne.


Scienlodic Red Light Therapy Pad

With a large coverage area and a unique pulse mode of 10 Hz, this pad can offer you a better recovery for lower back pain and other body pain. It is also the right red light therapy device for weight-watchers because it can also help you reduce your weight.
How does red light therapy work for weight loss? You can find out from this article.


Scienlodic Red Light Therapy Wrap

This wrap covers your body parts perfectly so that you can barely notice their existence during the recovery process. It produces no EMF and hence, causes no harm to you. The wrap is a smart choice for modern people who are swamped between family and work. It saves more time for you to conduct your daily affairs.


Scienlodic Red Light Therapy Wrist Wrap

This wrist wrap treats wrist and arm pain with precision. It provides the ideal treatment for people suffering from arthritis. With 2000w/㎡ high-density power combined with a wavelength of 660nm & 850nm, the wrist wrap is an excellent hand and joint pain treatment device.


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