LED Red Light Therapy benefits

Advantages Of LED Red Light Therapy VS Laser Therapy

An emerging therapy showing promising results is RLT, i.e., Red light therapy, which uses red and infrared wavelengths to treat medical and cosmetic issues. People take benefits from it, enjoying their social circle happily.

Do you ever hear about what is red light therapy?

Red light therapy is a treatment that includes low-wavelength visible red and invisible infrared light. A combination of these lights shows enhancing effects for your health issues. 

It remarkably enhances your skin appearance and reduces premature aging, wrinkles, scar marks, and acne problems. It also helps to treat other medical conditions, for example, acne, hair loss, brain disease, osteoarthritis, and tendonitis. 

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How does red light therapy prove effective? 

Researchers are discussing in their table the effectiveness of red light therapy in the 21st century and its future scope. 

Most of red light therapy's working principle is mitochondria absorbing the natural red light. The result of this process is the creation of ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, which can make cells produce more energy, and thus you can repair and heal damaged cells faster.[1]

Describing red light therapy also suggested names you might hear. These are:

  • Low-level laser light therapy
  • Low-power laser therapy
  • Non-thermal LED light
  • Soft laser therapy
  • Cold laser therapy
  • Bio-stimulation
  • Photonic stimulation
  • Photo-biomodulation and phototherapy

After clinical trials, red light therapy is recommended. This technology delivers light between 600nm to 1000nm wavelength to energize your skin cells. Scienlodic Red Light Therapy is a device made for this purpose. It emits LED red light, which mitochondria in the body can absorb and help to keep our cells stimulated and improve our skin tone and epidermal health. 

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Apart from slowing the effects of skin sagging like premature aging, regular sessions of Scienlodic depict a variety of advantages on your skin and the overall body, such as weight loss, anti aging, preventing skin inflammation brought on by dermatological and aesthetic conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and allergic reaction like contact dermatitis.

Advantages Of LED Red Light Therapy

Debate still exists between cold laser treatments versus red light therapy. A widely held view is that Red Light LED therapy is an advanced technique than lasers. Therefore, it has a few advantages over it that are worth its importance. 

LED Red Light Therapy vs Laser Therapy

1. Safer to Use at Home

The way cold lasers emit light is a perceived advantage. Lasers focus on pinpoint, while LED emits light at a particular angle, the so-called beam angle. That's why LED light spreads and becomes weak from going away from the source. 

Laser light requires full concentration on the concerned area under treatment. It means it is focused and effective. You would be more impressed. Also, its downside and side-effect are apparent. 

2. As Effective As Laser Therapy

    The difference between LED and low-level laser therapy is just coherent light. And what does a cohesive line need? Are just photons traveling in parallel? 

    A common analogy is you imagine soldiers walking on a bridge or marching in time, and when they step, boom. Both can feel the steps of soldiers, but if you have the same number of people walking over a bridge at different paces, you will not feel those steps because the light is coherent, and you get much more power, and that's what a laser light gives you. 

    LED light is not coherent, so it's probably not effective, but it turns coherent when it passes through a fluid. And your body is made up of 80% water, so when LED passes through your skin, it turns to go hitting the mitochondria, affecting the same as laser generating more ATP, the cell's powerhouse. So they are both effective light therapy.

    3. Covers More Body Parts Each Time

      A laser-focused therapy allows you to treat a tiny area of your body at one particular time. It's ok for treating small wounds and esthetic concerns. It allows more sessions, which are time-consuming and spending much money. LED devices, on the other side, allow you to treat, at one time, a large surface area. You only need to pay a fee for the equipment, can enjoy it anytime. 

      4. Costs Much Less Than Laser Therapy

        Lasers are an expensive technology, are too costly and not used by ordinary people. On the contrary, LED devices are accessible to everyone because they are commercially available. 

        LED red light therapy bed facilities are available at gyms and hospitals. But they are so expensive and inconvenient per session. You have to costs more than $200 for 1 red light treatment in a clinic or salon. However, buying a good-value red light panel is only equivalent to doing 4 treatments, and you can use it at home for 3-5 years even longer time.

        5. Does Not Need Professionals to Perform

          LED devices do not require a skilled technician to administer therapy. The greater surface area covered by this therapy prevents many issues within no time. While Laser devices need a skilled technician who knows the insights of frequency and filters according to the patient's skin type. 

          6. Can Treat Different Conditions

            Laser is always used for specific treatments. For example, a laser to treat acne cannot be used as a pain killer. On the contrary, red light therapy targets the whole body and functions as an all-in-one rule. If you are using 1 large panel(such as Scienlodic Panel), it cures the bloodstream, skin, hair, and body pains just after switching on the button.

            Want to learn more about Scienlodic red light therapy Panel? Click on the under picture.

            red light therapy panel for sale

            Why Scienlodic LED Red Light Therapy Panels?

            LED red light therapy is a better choice for common consumers like us. That's what we are here for! Making effective red light therapy at home affordable and available.

            Scienlodic offers you the same benefits of professional red light therapy right in your home. It will save your time and your visits to professionals. It is independently tested, and comparison shows it is in leading competition. 

            LED red light therapy panels in the Scienlodic have a narrower beam angle (Less than 30° while other brand products are generally 60°). It means you're getting much more concentrated light from each LED, allowing maximum effectiveness. At the same time, LED is safer than laser and more suitable for use at home.

            LED beam angle chart

            What is Red Light Therapy Benefits?

            Evidence is available to suggest that red light LED therapy has the following benefits: 

            • Wound healing: Promoting wound healing and tissue repair. Stimulating slow-healing wounds, like diabetic foot ulcers.

            Prevention of psoriasis lesions. Helping short-term treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.

            • Pain relief: Red light therapy is applied to the surface and depth of our skin at different wavelengths,which can effectively relieve pain in specific areas, such as back pain, low back pain, and joint pain, etc.

            Red light therapy reduces pain from a necessary perspective for chronic pain and joint disorders. It improves the fitness of joints in patients having degenerative osteoarthritis of the knee, relieving pain and reducing inflammation in patients with Achilles' tendons.

            • Hair growth: Red light increases blood flow to the scalp and hair, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles, thus helping hair growth and enhancing hair growth in people having androgenic alopecia. Scienlodic Hair Regrowth Hat is a good choice.
            • Skin: Red light therapy device also decreases inflammation and kills germs, prevents herpes simplex virus infections like recurring cold sores.

            In the way of aesthetics, research shows that red light stimulates collagen production to improve skin rejuvenation, smoothen wrinkles and stretch marks. It also reduces acne and facial inflammation.

            • Treatment of chronic diseases: Red light therapy helps reduce pain and inflammation of chronic conditions if used correctly with the protocol.

            A specific kind of protein lies on the surface of a neuron, which, when absorbed by light, can reduce pain or conduct or perceive pain. 

            It aids with the pain relief in people having rheumatoid arthritis and prevents some side effects of cancer treatments, including oral mucositis.

            • Overall physiology: Help gymnastic performance and recovery from any injury.

            Should I Do Red Light Therapy By Myself?

            Why not? It is just as effective at home as going to a salon or spa which has red light therapy panel. 

            But at home, you might require to maintain treatment every month or every few months-- only need to choose and purchase a red light therapy panel that is suitable for you.

            Now, multiple portable red light therapy devices are ready to be available for your use. There are three types of products form Scienlodic, and you can always find one that suits your condition.


            the best fda approved red light therapy devices details from scienlodic


            While looking for a red light therapy device to use at home, you should consider different light combinations, depending on your treatment plans. 

            You can choose a device, like Scienlodic Light Torch C12, containing red and blue light if you want skin treatment. But if you are suffering from chronic pain, the best device for this will be the one that has red and infrared light. Scienlodic Red Light Panels emits the most effective wavelengths at 630, 660, 810, 830 and 850nm, as no other products do. 

            Of course, when you decide to purchase a red light therapy, you should always read reviews and feedback from people who are already experienced with that product. 

            "I purchased the SCIENLODIC P1500 last month. It was able to cover the whole body for rapid recovery from workouts, pain relief, relieving muscle fatigue and so on. I felt better, since I received systemic benefits of ATP/mitochondrial repair."
            - By Willian

            "I am so happy to own a red light panel that belongs to me! I've loved it ever since I used it once at my friend's house. It is very enjoyable and relaxing for me to use it after fitness workout, which helps me keep fitness and slim better."
            - By Selina

            The cost of red light therapy may vary depending on your treatment choice. But once you invest in it, the results are everlasting.

            How to use Red Light Therapy at home?

            If you are using Scienlodic Red Light therapy, you may use it in any position. Lie in bed or stand straight for a designated amount of time.

            Consistency is the key when using red light therapy. Implementing preexisting health routines like yoga, meditation, and morning coffee will lead to success. 

            a relaxing man enjoy the red light with scinelodic red light therapy panel at home

            General precautions are necessary when using light therapy products. 

            • Eye: 

            Eye protection is necessary when the near-infrared mode is active. Let our Scienlodic goggles keep you from all the possible damage. 

            • Double-check any medications: 

            Red light does not contain ultraviolet radiation, but on the safe side, before starting red light therapy, consult your doctor if you are under any drug to avoid interaction.

            • Continue your usual beauty regime

            Continue your usual beauty regimes, cleansing and moisturizing, with red light to enhance your beauty. 

            • Clothing: 

            To attain maximum effectiveness of red light therapy, the area of your body planned to be treated should expose directly to the device. Because clothing prevents red light from reaching your cells, remove all kinds of garments when you are determined to treat.

            Easy tips while using red light therapy at home

            -Before starting therapy, one should take pics to compare results as the skin shows improvement after therapy. 

            -The schedule should be important if you are determined to take advantage of red light therapy.

            -Pamper yourself with a suitable environment like some candles, music and aromatherapy.

            -Using Goggles is a good recommendation to protect your eyes, although it does not contain any UVA or UVB rays.

            -Start a 10-20 minute session 3 times a week, and move up to 5 sessions weekly if you need or have time. 

            -Choose a place where you do your LED therapy in a relaxing mode.

            Avoid these common mistakes while using red light therapy at home
            1. Inconsistency
            2. Wearing clothes or sunscreen
            3. Sitting too close or too far from your device
            4. Making your sessions too short or too long
            5. Using the wrong red light or near-infrared light setting
            6. Not staying hydrated
            7. Using the wrong size device
            8. Not tracking your progress.
            9. Not discussing your red light treatment with your doctor or health care professional.
            10. Expecting immediate results or a cure. 


            Red light therapy has a bright future. The feature of its low-intensity wavelength shows multiple effects ranging from small skin problems to cosmetic issues. Scienlodic brand houses this red light. This device is recommended to use at home with prescribed tips. Cost is one time, and results are everlasting. In the future, red light therapy will replace much more expensive and low-coverage laser treatment which requires skilled professionals. 

            Appropriate time, proper schedule, patience, and consistency are all requirements to attain proper configurative outcomes. People using this device at home are now raising their hands on behalf of red light therapy. 


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