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Can Red Light Therapy Cause Hair Loss?

Hair loss, or alopecia, can affect both our appearance and mental state, and it’s becoming a problem more and more common among people of all ages.

In the battle against hair loss, red light therapy is gaining popularity as a hair growth choice; however, there are those who are worried that red light therapy can backfire and cause hair loss. Is it true? Can red light therapy cause hair loss?

In brief, the fact, which was supported by multiple science experiments, is that red light therapy won’t cause hair loss. Au contraire, it can help with hair growth.

But before we dive into how red light therapy works for hair loss, we first need to figure out what exactly are the causes of hair loss.

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What are the Causes of Hair Loss

The cause of hair loss varies from person to person. If you're experiencing hair loss, be it serious or not, it’s crucial to find a solution that suits your individual condition. Here are some common causes of hair loss.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hair loss and thinning hair may occur due to the inadequate production of hormones in the body.


Mental state is important for our health. And if you undertake too much anxiety, it’s more likely for you to suffer hair loss.


Nutrition also plays a part. A low-protein diet or over consumption of vitamin A may also cause hair loss.


Male pattern baldness(Androgenic alopecia) and female pattern baldness are the results of genes.


Hair loss by aging is inevitable. It’s natural for us to go bald when we age.  


Pregnancy can cause hair loss not only due to the physical stress that labor brings, but also for the hormonal changes the body experience during pregnancy.

Pregnancy can cause hair loss not only due to the physical stress that labor brings, but also for the hormonal changes the body experience during pregnancy. Before tackling a problem, you should be aware of its cause. And if you’re suffering from hair loss and don’t know why, feel free to click the botton on the lower right corner to chat online with us! Scienlodic customer service is always here for you.

Red Light Therapy Works for Hair Growth Instead of Causing Hair Loss

Red light therapy, aka low-intensity light therapy (LLLT), consists of visible red light and invisible near-infrared light (NIR). It’s a non-invasive and safe treatment for hair loss. Science experiments[1] have repeatedly proved that there are basically no side effects caused by red light therapy, except for the fact that some people with sensitive skin may experience minor redness or tightness. Such symptoms would subside within minutes after red light treatment. Therefore, while using red light therapy for hair growth, you don’t need to worry about side effects such as hair loss and the growth of facial hair.

Despite studies proving red light therapy to be safe with little or even no side effects, you should always seek help from from a qualified physician before using red light therapy as a treatment for hair loss.

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How Red Light Therapy Works for Hair Growth

Red light therapy helps hair growth in three ways: powering cells, boosting collagen, and accelerating blood circulation.

Powering Cells

Red light penetrates the epidermis and reaches the base of each hair follicle, boosting cellular energy.

Photons absorbed by the epidermis and entering cells engage with light-sensitive mitochondrial receptors to stimulate adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production, the cell's main fuel. Therefore, energy-rich cells work better, replicating more healthy cells and defending themselves from oxidative stress and environmental pathogens.

Boosting Collagen

Collagen synthesis is aided by red light therapy. Despite not being in hair, collagen protects against free radical damage, according to a research[2]. Stress, environmental pollutants, chemotherapy-induced hair loss, and poor nutrition create free radicals. Free radicals harm hair follicle cells, preventing hair growth. Collagen boosts hair follicle function and lowers oxidative damage.

Accelerating Scalp Blood Circulation

Red light therapy boosts cranium blood flow and cell oxygen and nutrient delivery by stimulating capillary growth. If your hair loss is caused by a disease or abnormal inflammatory response that stops hair follicles from functioning, increased blood flow sends white blood cells to the scalp to help you deal with this issue. Red light therapy increases lymphatic and scalp blood flow, which helps remove harmful chemicals that damage hair follicles.

Hair health and thickness are clearly tied to blood circulation. Thus, regular head massage stimulates blood flow. Red light therapy and scalp rubbing awaken dormant hair cells, boost cellular energy, promote thicker, healthier hair growth, and prevent hair loss.

What are the Best Red Light Therapy Devices for Hair Growth

Many devices on the market claim to help you grow beautiful hair swiftly and efficiently. But just as we’ve mentioned above, each individual possesses different hair conditions, so it’s crucial to find the right red light therapy device that perfectly suits your need. Here we have gathered three popular red light devices for hair growth on the market. All that remains is to select one of them.


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The iRestore laser hair growth device ensures comfort and great results. It has soft pads, a timer, and many lasers and LEDs covering your cranium. However, it’s a bit overweight and uncomfortable to wear. Also it’s over most people’s budget. One session must take at least 25 min, which is longer than most red light therapy for hair growth on the market.


comparison of iresotre and scienldoic about red light therapy for hair growth

Theradome laser hair growth helmet is a lightweight and comfortable gadget for hair growth. It has the wavelength of 680 nm and had helped plenty of people regrow their hair. This hair growth device also has many weaknesses. For starters, its LEDs concentrate only on the middle part of the head, thus leading to a poor coverage of the other part. It’s also difficult to carry around due to the lack of portability.


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Scienlodic hair regrowth hat is a red light therapy device working for hair loss. Unlike traditional laser treatment, which is costly and uses concentrated light to treat only specific part, red light therapy is a safer choice for hair growth, thanks to the mild and divergent light it produces.

The red light (660nm) and near-infrared light (850nm) penetrate your scalp and help you grow your hair[3] by means of enhancing cellular energy & collagen production, and accelerating blood circulation. Its three therapy modes allow users to adjust the intensity of the treatment regarding individual differences.

However, just like other hair growth devices, it also takes time for its effect to manifest, which is about 4 months.

Take the Scienlodic Red Light Therapy Hat if you want a hair growth device that produces satisfactory outcome.

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If you’re still not sure which device is correct for you, you’re more than welcome to chat with us online.

In Conclusion

In this article we provides concrete and scientific evidence to illustrate that red light therapy won’t cause hair loss and that it can actually promote hair growth. In addition, we’ve introduced three of the most popular hair growth devices on the market. After our introduction and the comparison, you must have enough information to choose the hair growth device that is the most suitable to you.

If you have any questions or doubts about hair regrowth, feel free to contact us online by clicking the lower right botton. You can also join Scienlodic Facebook Group to communicate with those who have experience dealing with hair loss.

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